University of Nigeria Nsukka suspends 25 staff over job racketeering

The University of Nigeria Nsukkka (UNN) has suspended 25 staff over their alleged involvement in job racketeering, WAR can authoritatively report.

Those suspended by the University authority cut across teaching and none teaching staff.

A senior lecturer from the university in the faculty of Social Sciences who spoke to WAR via a telephone conversation said the university authority first suspended 8 persons and later 17.

He, however added that those that are suspended were indicted by the  committee established by the current University Vice-Chancellor Mr. Charles Igwe to investigate the allegations of job racketeering that took place under Mr. Benjamin Ozumba, the former Vice-Chancellor.

The senior lecturer however said that those that were suspended were asked to step aside for proper investigation, pointing out that if after investigation they are found to be guilty they may be sacked while those who are found innocent will be set free to return to work.

He added that the university authority may consider the option of soft landing which may not be an outright sack.

Earlier, WAR had reported how the University was allegedly selling job placement for as much as N1.5 million.

In the deal, some persons seeking job placement in the institution are asked to pay between N1.5 million and N500, 000 depending on the position and who you are negotiating with.

A senior lecturer in the university faculty of social sciences, who did not want his name mentioned, narrated to WAR how the university was demanding money from job seekers for a placement.

The senior lecturer at UNN, however, said job seekers are made to pay between N1.5 million and N500, 000 depending on who you are negotiating with and the position you want.

The university lecturer, however, said the job racketeering was common under the leadership of Mr. Benjamin Ozumba, the UNN former Vice-Chancellor.


He pointed out that since Mr. Charles Igwe took over form Ozumba and brought in a new administration, job racketeering appears to have been very rare in the institution.

Mr. Ikenna who prefers only his first mentioned narrated his ordeal how he almost paid N1 million to get a job placement at the university.

Another witness, Mr. Eze a graduate of the university, narrated to WAR how he was denied job placement because he could not raise the sum of N55, 000 to pay for a bribe.

An action he said was the only way how some persons he knows got job placement at UNN. He, however, frowned at the rate of job sale in the university and appealed to the management to find a solution to what he described as shameless corruption.

Another senior UNN lecturer who confirmed job racketeering in the university said the practice is not only limited to UNN but happens across the Nigerian state.

Condemning the practice, he appealed to the university authority and other government institutions to based job placement on merit.

WAR could not immediately reach out to the UNN authority for a response.


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