What ladies want in a man

Unlike guys, ladies have seemingly the same thing or attributes they all desire in a man, a group of ladies spoken to by the MAWA Foundation have said.

Beatrice, a 27-year-old lady, says she desires a man who can protect her at all times, a man with whom she can feel like a queen around, a man who will love her and try to improve her. She also said needs a man that is smart and well dressed, someone she will always be eager to introduce to her friends as her man.

Another lady, Miss Janet, said she wants a man that will provide for her, a man who will still tell her she needs to make her hair and take her to the saloon, a man who will see a dress she loves in a boutique and stop buys it for her because he thinks it will be fine on her and most importantly, a man who can meet her sexual desires.

Stephanie, a lady in her mid-20s said she wants a man who will stay faithful without chasing after other ladies, a man who will respect her opinion and not dismiss anything coming from her and proving she knows nothing. Stephanie added that she needs a man who will always remember anything she tells him and takes her birthday celebration seriously.

Others said they needed a man who will be proud to show them to the world and not a man who does not even want them to meet with his siblings, parents, and friends. A man who will happily flaunt them on social media and who is always reassuring them of his love for them and finally a man who listens even when they are not verbally speaking, who takes those silent details of theirs very seriously.

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