When Country Attorney General swears in APC officials into office

The Media Advocacy West Africa Foundation (MAWA Foundation), feels deeply worried to see Nigeria’s Attorney General swears in officials of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) into office.

Mr. Abubakar Malami, Nigeria’s Attorney General on Thursday, swore in members of the APC caretaker committee at the Federal Executive Council Chamber.

Good as this may appear; Malami’s action gives an apparent confirmation that the country’s chief law officer is an active member of APC and that all his legal opinion and advice to the president are based purely on political consideration.

This is even as Malami is the Chief law officer of the federation, and, not the APC National Legal Adviser, therefore swearing in the party officials into office, a role that ought to be done by the party’s legal adviser throws many issues and suspicion, and a further confirmation that his office is an arm of APC which negates the standard practice.

We do not know what must have informed his decision to openly administer the oath of office for APC officials, but we appeal to Mr. Malami, to quickly retract his step and not make his office become an extension of APC.

Malami ought to have known; his office is too sensitive and fundamental to Nigeria’s democracy and should not be involved in partisan politics.

Malami is the Nigeria Attorney General and not APC National Legal Adviser; he should do the country goodwill and detach his office from active party politics, that way his service will be in the nation’s best interests.

Malami’s action further confirms the allegation of some members of APC that Mr. Muhammadu Buhari, the country’s president may have been wrongly advised which made him throw his support behind Mr. Victor Giadom, an embattled APC acting National Chairman.

We appeal to Malami and APC to distinguish between party politics and governance, he is the attorney general of the federation and not be seen meddling in party politics.

God bless Nigeria.

Audu Liberty Oseni,

Coordinator, MAWA Foundation

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