Where is Madagascar Coronavirus herbal medicine brought to Nigeria?

Two months Madagascar Coronavirus herbal medicine was brought to Nigeria, Nigerians have not heard any update from the government as to whether the drugs have been certified for use or discarded.

In the month of May, Mr. Muhammadu Buhari, the Nigerian president has said his country will not use the Madagascar coronavirus medicine until it is scientifically proven to be fit.

The president said that he believes in all herbal and traditional medicines is that it should be subjected to statutory regulation for it to go through thorough scientific verification before it can be certified fit for use.

The president disclosed that the Nigerian state will not put the Madagascar medicine to use without a careful scientific verification.

Buhari while making his stance on the Madagascar coronavirus herbal medicine known  tweeted:

“My position regarding all herbal or traditional medicines is that any such formulations should be sent to the statutory regulators for thorough scientific verification. We will not put anything to use in Nigeria without the endorsement of our regulatory institutions”.

This is even as the president on Saturday took delivery of Madagascar herbal medicine, but insisted it must go through careful scientific verification before it can be administered on Nigerians

At an audience meeting with Mr. Umaro Sissoco Embalo, the President of Guinea Bissau who brought along with him the samples of the traditional medicine as shared to African nations by Madagascar; Buhari disclosed that all traditional medicines must go through a scientific test before it can be administered.

Worse still, two months after, Nigerians are yet to hear from their government on the Madagascar herbal medicine.

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