Why many Nigerian ladies will not be married

There are clear indications that have emerged from different men spoken to by our reporter that there are many ladies in Nigeria that will remain single for ever.

Some of the men spoken to shared their views and experiences why many girls will never get married.

Some pointed to love for money, materialism, unable to do domestic work and bad behavior as top reasons why some ladies will never get married.

Mr. Hilary Jones, who lives in Maitama area of Abuja shared his experience with some Nigerian ladies living in Abuja.

Married and blessed with three kids, two boys and a girl, he narrated how a lady he attempted marrying who is from Imo state always crippled him financially and emotionally before he dumped her and moved on.

“How can you meet a guy within a space of one week and you are demanding he pays your rent and your sister school fee” he told our reporter.

He said such a demand scares men away, describing those kind of ladies as liabilities who he said no reasonable man will marry.

Mr. Fidelis Uboh, who works in an estate firm and lives in Garki area of Abuja, say many ladies do not add value to men.

He said most of the ladies spend their time in make ups,  looking good and going to church without paying attention to their character.

” prayer does not give you husband, character does” he told our reporter.

He said he does not understand why a man will look for who will help him grow and you expect him to marry who will add no value to him, no man will do that.

Ajibode Williams, shared his experience how about three ladies he met in Abuja could not cook, one of them Miss Chinyere who now lives and works in one of the new generation banks in Lagos, according to him was so bad that they have to buy food from a restaurant any time she visits.

Do you expect me or any reasonable man to marry such a lady he asked.

In all the men spoken to, they attributed spiritual life to be in the  least of their consideration for marriage.

Top of on their list were rude behaviour, excess demand for materialism and inability to cook.

Miss Rita Edward, who works in an NGO and lives at Gwarimpa area of Abuja, say although she is a woman, pointed that many women do not deserve to get closer to decent men let alone marrying them.

She said although there are many wrong women out there, she reminded our reporter that there are many good women that will make a better wife and build a good home.

She blamed many divorce in Abuja and other parts of the country on the inability of both men and women to be patient and careful in choosing a partner.

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