Wife dumps husband in Lagos for visiting coronavirus recovered brother

A wife has dumped her husband at the Aja area of Lagos for visiting his brother who recovered from coronavirus WAR has learned.

Mrs. Egbumu dumped her husband after she begged him not to visit his brother who recovered from coronavirus, pointing out that he will contract the virus and gets her infected with the disease.

The wife became angry when her husband ignored her and visited his brother at the Ikeja area of Lagos to thank God for his recovery from the deadly diseases.

Angry with her husband, the wife said she cannot risk been infected with coronavirus and has since parked out of the house and vowed not to have anything to do with her husband anymore.

Miss Jacinta while narrating the incident to WAR, said the wife left the house last week Tuesday while many persons including her pastor have asked her to return to her husband house explaining that people do not contract coronavirus visiting survivors, appeals she has since turned down and refused to return to her husband.

Jacinta told WAR there is huge stigmatization in Lagos against recovered coronavirus patients, pointing out that many people do not want to associate with the recovered coronavirus patients.

WAR could not immediately speak to the wife, however, her immediately younger sister Miss Grace Ibiam, while speaking to this newspaper, backs her sister, saying she cannot go back to her husband alleging that he might have contracted the virus having visited his brother who reconverted from the disease.

“My sister cannot risk living with a coronavirus patient, the best thing for her at this time is to separate from the husband and calls the marriage a quit,” Grace told WAR.

“My sister warned him not to go and see a coronavirus recovered patient, but because he wants to kill her, he refused and went to bring the virus to infect and kill her, she just has to leave the marriage, move on and be alive, Grace added.

WAR could not immediately speak to the husband for a clarification whether his wife is dumping him over coronavirus recovered patient visit.



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