Woman divorces man three months after marriage for impotent

Miss Abdul Roseline who lives in Lokoja, Kogi state capital  has divorced her husband after discovering he is impotent three months after their wedding.

Roseline say her former husband deceived her by claiming a born  again Christian whose faith forbids extra marital sex.

Joseph, who is a dedicated Charismatic Renewal member in catholic church was said have told the wife they can only engage in any kind of intimacy until after marriage.

Worse still, he was found to be impotent after marriage.

Roseline told WEST AFRICA REPORTERS (WAR) that two months after their marriage, she discovered her husband is impotent and cannot consummate the marriage.

She narrated to this newspaper how her former husband promised to buy her anything on earth so long as she agrees to keep the husband impotent secret while sleeping with other men and be giving birth.

Angry with the deceit, Roseline approached a Catholic priest to dissolve the marriage vows.

A Catholic priest who does not want his name mentioned and serves at Idah dioceses say catholic church allows for a dissolution of marriages entered into by deceit or fraud.

Joseph who admitted his health challenge said he was under pressure to get married by his family and thought his former wife will have the  understanding and live with him.

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