Woman raped by a pastor angry, jump into well

A woman who became angry after a pastor raped her has jumped into a well in an attempt to kill herself after the incident.

A pastor at the Martin Gumbura’s RMG Independent End Time Message Church was alleged to have raped the 63-year-old Zimbabwean woman.

Newsday reports that Mr. Wallas Pangenyama, the pastor raped the women who were recently converted after she was invited together with other women to his house at Mt Pleasant.

The woman has dragged the pastor before magistrate Morgan Nemadire.

At the course of the trial, the woman said she jumped into the well to kill herself because of the trauma she is passing through after the rape.

The woman disclosed that the police in Chivhu made efforts to frustrate her from dragging the pastor to the court when she reported the matter to them.

The woman who went to the pastor’s house for a prayer session, was in a restroom when Mr. Pangenyama forced himself in and raped her.

The Zimbabwe police have since arrested the pastor and charged him to court for the crime.

This is not the first time pastors are raping their members. There are reported cases of pastors in Nigeria and other African states where pastors were alleged to have raped members of their congregation.

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