Working for Bello Kogi gov victory in last election my greatest life regret

One of Mr. Yahaya Bello, the Kogi state governor hitmen have said he regrets taking part in electoral violence occasioned by rigging that brought Bello back to power.

Speaking to WAR at Sky Bridge Hotels along Ganaja road, Lokoja, the Kogi state capital, a prominent gang member that played a key role in the electoral violence that led to the emergence of Bello as the state governor said he regrets all actions he took during the last election.

The member, who effectively contributed to the rigging of the election in Kogi East as a result of massive violence unleashed on the voters, said he regrets all his actions.

Justifying his pain and disappointment, he said, “we have been used and dumped, money not given, and position not given either, I regret taken up arms to rig election for Bello”, he said.

I hurt my friends and relatives during the election, I am struggling to make peace with my people and community, all because of Bello, and today, we are thrown away just like that, he added.

Another of the close ally to Bello, who served as an aide to Bello in the last administration, expressed his anger over the way they were treated and discarded since Bello won the last election.

The former aide said they were promised positions during the campaign, pointing out that since after the election, they have since been abandoned and left to die in frustration and hunger.

The former aide, however, accused those who did not suffer during the campaign to have hijacked the governor and are advising him in the wrong direction.

He, however, told WAR, there is still hope, pointing out that he still believes the governor will fulfill promises made before the election and gave those who deserve political position appointments and settle those who risked their lives to ensure he won the last election.

He has since called on Bello to fulfill his promise by giving political appointments to those who worked for him during the last election.

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